Frequently Asked Questions

What is your fee structure?

A: Our fee structure is based on a pre-determined percentage split. We can offer the most competitive percentage split possible based on the age of delinquency of your accounts, volume of accounts, and method of account transfer. Contact us today at 801.930.1250 for a quote.

We DO NOT work on a sliding scale, once we discuss the percentage split it remains that percentage for the life of that account assigned to our office. Contact us today at 801.930.1250 for a quote.

When will we receive our money?

A: We operate on a monthly collection cycle. At the end of each month we will compile the monthly totals into a summary report, and send you your remittance check and report no later than the third week of the next month.

How do you handle cases that you are working that have a full year obligation but are interested in settling and re-joining the gym?

A: At the end of the day, it is up to you how you want us to handle your past due memberships. One option is that you could send us the accelerated balance of the contract, and we can make arrangements with the member to pay their debt and be able to use the facility. You would determine the type of arrangement that they would need to make in order to qualify to get back in. We will collect payments until paid in full and notify you that they are being faithful to their payment arrangements.

Another option is if you want them to be able to get back on draft and return to the gym, you can assign our office the past due balance. We will attempt to collect this balance and send you a report showing you the accounts that are resolved. If a member tells us over the phone that they want to get back into the gym and makes the payment, we will forward you that account in an email with their contact phone number so that you can have your employees follow up with them and get them back on draft using their current EFT information. Afterwards we will cancel the account out of our office.

We also are not opposed to the Gym accepting the past due balance at the location. This means that the member can pay the past due balance and get set up on draft in one stop. In this scenario we will need an email documenting payment amount and date so that we can cancel out the account and retain our percentage of the amount paid for our work in motivating the payment.

How do you handle a case that you have started to work that we later determine was someone that perhaps should not have been sent to a third party?

A: Current clients are quite pleased with our methods of cancellation of membership accounts. If we start working an account and later come to find through an email or phone call by your authorized representative that the account has been sent to us in error from either the Gym or your payment processor, we will cancel out the account from our office at no charge to you.

We like to foster win-win situations with our clients. We realize that mistakes happen and will not charge you anything to cancel an account. As long as there is communication between our office and the clubs we can produce maximum results in the most efficient manner

How do we get collection accounts to you?

A: We work closely with payment processing companies such as ABC Financial and Paramount Acceptance to make a problem free, smooth transfer of accounts. If you don’t use a payment processor, just a simple excel spreadsheet sent via email is necessary to upload the accounts into our legal database.

Do you use social security numbers at all in your process? We have stopped collecting SSN from our members.

A: Having social security numbers is beneficial, however, we understand the liabilities associated with using them on gym contracts. It helps when reporting credit to have a SSN but if we have a date of birth we are also able to report on credit. It is not necessary and we can still continue to attempt to collect the debt without using SSN with great results.

Do you collect on month to month agreements?

A: Yes. You can assign to us the past due amount, and if you choose and the contract allows, you can advise us to continue to age the account each month that it is not paid.

What industry do you work in?

A: We can work in any industry with a contractual commitment between the business and the consumer.