About Aldous & Associates

Aldous & Associates is a law firm that specializes in fitness industry 90 day past due consumer collections. Now in its tenth year, Aldous was founded and continues around gym friendly service policies such as no fees for account reinstatement or cancellations, complete flexibility on reporting on credit, and no cost amnesty programs. The firm is fully staffed in Salt Lake City with college educated employees, many of which are bilingual.

The firm has all the traditional collection tools of robust call and email campaigns with the added muscle of powerful legal legitimacy. Through its policies and professional efforts, all clients experience maximum retention of members. Current clients include Crunch Fitness, Gold’s Gyms, Blink Fitness, VASA Fitness and more. Aldous & Associates is a Gold Partner to ABC Financial and Preferred Vendor to Crunch Franchise, Paramount Acceptance, and Motionsoft.


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