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The Advantage of a Law Firm

There are several advantages in having a law firm pursue the recovery of your past due accounts. The most obvious advantage is the legal authority that our office possesses. A demand letter on our attorney letterhead has an immediate impact, because those in receipt of the notice understand that a law firm has the ability to take this matter to the next level if not resolved voluntarily. The same applies to answering and returning telephone calls as well as submitting payments. They understand it is in their best interest to cooperate rather than have possible negative consequences with additional court and litigation fees.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every delinquent individual should pay their account in full, and that they have made a commitment and should be held accountable to that commitment. We approach each account with the intent to collect the amount due in full. We realize we are not the most popular people, yet we handle each account professionally, with firmness and respect. This philosophy ensures that each account receives the individual attention needed to exhaust every avenue to attempt to collect the debt.


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