Payment Processor Compatible

Working with Your Payment Processor

All of our gym clients use a payment processor or in-house software to process their monthly draft. Our firm does not want to take away from services these payment processors perform. Aldous & Associates, PLLC will add value when a membership becomes 90 days past due. In order to maximize your retention and collection of 90 day past due files, we have found it is time to escalate the file away from your payment processor and assign it to our law office to motivate payment compliance.

Aldous & Associates, PLLC has established great relationships of trust in the Fitness Industry with major payment processors such as Paramount Acceptance, Taft Services, ABC Financial, and others. These unique relationships enable our firm to better serve and collect for our clients through data transfers and updates.

These relationships allow your gym staff to focus on running and operating your gyms, and our law firm to collect and service your past due membership files. We work with your processors to receive the past due files monthly. We are then able to update you and the processor of payments made and members desiring to reinstate their gym membership. Your staff will be freed up for gym growth related tasks and our approach allows for a seamless collection and retention process for all involved.