Business Highlights

Every Fitness Center has some percentage of their members which stop paying their memberships each month. For some it is a minor issue, and for others it is a major problem. Regardless of where you stand in this spectrum, everyone benefits from sending 90 day delinquent accounts to third party collections. Not all collections companies are created equal, and so the critical factor is using a company that specializes in these accounts and has spent years honing in the perfect collection recipe for returns.

One of our clients thought they had the best collection company in the industry, but after switching to our office they stated “Aldous & Associates are 10,000 times easier to deal with than our last collection company.” We can save you many headaches that come from delinquent members. Making the collection situation easier to handle isn’t the only important factor. Results are what truly matter at the end of the day, and our no nonsense approach produces maximum returns to your bottom line monthly. Our clients tell us that we help them increase their collections totals up to 200% and above from what they were receiving previously.

How can we be so easy to work with and also get so much money back to your bottom line? Our attorney’s office approach marries good collection practices with the authority of a law office. This maximizes the responses by phone and letter that we receive from your members. As we collect we also strictly follow the Federal Fair Debt and Collections Practice Act, which means your members are treated with respect and we handle them as you would. Additionally we do not charge our clients any types of fees, and work on a strictly contingency basis with some of the best splits in the industry. Lastly our approach has helped our clients receive thousands of members back as paying clients each year. We are effective for our clients in various markets. If you have signed consumer agreement obligations that are past due, we can collect on those files.