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Experience the Difference

Experience the Difference

At Aldous and Associates our highly trained staff will help you collect every dollar that your business is owed. Stop using payroll dollars on staff making calls and use them instead to service and sell for your business. Let Aldous do the heavy lifting for you. 

Collection Email Blast Campaigns

 Email Blast Campaigns

Aldous & Associates is proud to announce our new email blast campaigns. This allows us to reach more people at one time which results in higher volume of calls. Call us today to find out how our collection email blast campaigns can help you and your business.

Aldous – IHRSA 2016

Aldous IHRSA 2016

We had a great time in sunny Orlando at IHRSA 2016. IHRSA is such a great opportunity for us to meet face to face with many of our clients. We enjoyed making connections and hearing about the great things that your businesses are doing. Likewise, we loved meeting new friends and are excited to start collection efforts with many of you.

IHRSA is a great opportunity for us and our clients to see what is new in the health and fitness industry. We are excited to be part of such a successful and growing industry.

At Aldous & Associates we pride ourselves on our competitive splits and strong collection efforts that help our clients get more money back to their bottom line. We encourage you to discover the many reasons that set us apart from our competitors. Call us today!

Member Retention

At Aldous and Associates our policies are member retention oriented. You are the owner of your accounts and you can handle those accounts however you would like. You choose how hard or soft you would like to be with your collections and we will support you on that. We want you to retain your members.


Collections, Retention, Results

At Aldous and Associates we help our clients collect more money, retain more clients, and drive better results in their business. Our collections efforts set us apart from our competition. We have helped numerous gyms get more money back to their bottom line.

Aldous GYM Handout Smaller SizeAldous GYM Handout (Back) Smaller Size

Reel In Delinquent Members

Are you wanting to reel in your delinquent members? We can help. Our amnesty program has been able to help many of our clients get many of their delinquent members using their services again. Call us today for more information.

REEL in Deliquent Members Version #2

How to Retain Your Members

Email Blast Photo

Aldous & Associates is excited to share a simple way our current clients retain members and reinstate them back to the monthly draft. Over the past 5 months an average of 566 accounts per month have paid directly to our clients. This means some members receiving our letters and phone calls are motivated to return to the facility to resolve their 90 day past due balance and reinstate their membership.This number does not include members who pay us directly and then reinstate at the gym.

Rentention Graph

When members pay at the gym and are reinstated, there is no extra fee from Aldous for this service. Also, by allowing payments at the front desk, you are able to update their billing information in your software and reinstate their draft. Our client service desk works with your front desk to update the status of the accounts and reflect payment. With the gym industry going to month to month agreements, member retention will increasingly be a necessary technique to maintain your monthly revenue.

An Attorney without the Fees

Have you ever wanted the authority of a law office without the expensive attorney’s fees? Well now you can. At Aldous and Associates we help our clients collect ever dollar that is owed to them and we don’t charge any hidden or attorney’s fees. It’s all contingency based and it’s a fair split. Call us today to see if we can beat your current split and collect more for you.

Attorney Office without the Fees

The Aldous Collections Difference

Have you ever wondered what makes Aldous and Associates different? Our attorney’s letters help your members and expired clients pick up the phone. Different from our competitor’s collections notices, our attorney letters won’t be found in the trash. Your debtors are more likely to pick up the phone and pay their collections. Call us today to find out how we can help improve your collections effort.

Aldous Difference Email Blast

More Money Back in Your Pocket

Do you want more money back in your pocket? At Aldous and Associates we are dedicated to getting our clients the most money possible from those customers that are delinquent. Aldous and Associate has a contingency approach, which means you don’t pay us anything until we collect for you! Give us a call today to find out how we can get you and your business more money.

More Money - Email Blast

NAA Tradeshow

We had a great time in sunny Las Vegas for the NAA Tradeshow. We met a lot of great people and had a fun time giving away a GoPro. We wanted to congratulate Tony Robinson of Birge & Held for being our winner! If you have any unanswered questions about collections and how we can help you with those individuals that skip out on your units we would be happy to help. Please call us today at 801-930-1250. Thanks again NAA Tradeshow for a great time! Until next year!

NAA Tradeshow

Aldous and Associates – New Location

Aldous and Associates

Aldous and Associates  has officially moved to our new office. We are so excited for our new location. Check out some our pictures.


IHRSA 2017

IHRSA 2017

We will be attending IHRSA 2017 in sunny California. We would love to see you! Come by Booth 2436 on March 9th or 10th for a Free Gift from Aldous. See you soon!

We Don’t Play Games


At Aldous and Associates what you see is what you get. We don’t play games with our clients. There are absolutely no hidden fees and sudden charges that will surprise you each month. We will help you collect every dollar and put more money back into your business. Find out more today!